The New Handy Squad Website

The Handy Squad is a top handyman service covering most of Greater London. The company has been going since 2005, but Flow Ink recently took on the project of building them a new Handy Squad handyman services in London website to replace the out-of-date one they were using.


Design and Branding


The site has been designed to be attractive and instantly recognisable. Handy Squad’s brand is predominantly yellow, and we used the colour extensively throughout the site, including an image of their characteristic yellow motor-scooters as part of an animation on the Home page.

Navigation has been made clear and user-friendly, with links to everywhere on the site easily available from every page. And, of course, it’s fully responsive, so it’s as attractive and usable on a phone, tablets and desktop.


The Information Pages


All websites have Home and About Us pages, but Handy Squad’s About Us section doesn’t stop at one page, and there’s also a How It Works section. The Home page has an introduction to Handy Squad and links to all services, while How It Works explains the process and has a FAQs section.

The About Us page contains the essential information about the company, but also links to half a dozen sections introducing the company and the squad in more detail and explaining what areas of London are covered. There are also sections on latest news and tradesman of the month, as well as testimonials, excerpts from which are reproduced on each page.




The most important part of any company’s website is the description of the services offered. The Services page of Handy Squad’s site breaks down services into clearly defined categories, ranging from electrics to odd jobs. Clicking on these leads to sub-categories, which in turn lead to more specific descriptions of the various jobs available.

This is a particularly user-friendly aspect of the site, allowing the customer to start generally and zero in on the exact job they’re looking for, all in a couple of easy clicks.


Prices and Contact


Many commercial websites make it difficult to find what their services will cost. Handy Squad didn’t want this, and a page detailing all their rates, with every variation, can be accessed with one click from any part of the site. From the Contact Us page, users can find every method to find and get in touch with Handy Squad, from the phone number to a contact form.

Of course, we’ve put a lot of effort into optimising the site. If you type “Handyman” into Google, the very first organic result you’ll find will be the Handy Squad’s brand new website.




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