Google’s Merchant Update: What You Need to Know


Starting in mid-February 2016, merchants may see a new warning in Google Merchant Centers. The message being seen is “Item requires a GTIN”. If you have seen this it may be a cause of concern and possibly even a bit of panic. Right now, these are just warnings. But they do portend a change merchants will have to address. These warnings are a 90 day reminder that by May 16, 2016, for every brand name item a merchant uploads, it will have to include a GTIN.

Through the years, Google has compiled a large amount of data about products it lists. Apparently, this historic product data that they have acquired is being combined with data from third parties who possess EAN or ISBN information that has been validated.

This means, that if Google is to believe a brand concerned already has an issued GTIN, then it is now expecting all products connected with that brand to have a GTIN upon submission. That will become more and more of a concern as May 16thapproaches. At that point, it is likely products without a GTIN will not be approved. Adding to the challenge is at this point, there is no list available to merchants as to what products and brands do or do not have a GTIN.

If you are a merchant who sells his own products this change is not an issue. It could be a significant issue however, for those who sell name-brand products. If your products all have GTIN’s on May 16th you should have a bit more of an edge than merchants who don’t supply them. If you don’t have them your products may not be listed.

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Find out about GTIN  here. 


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