Google Mobile Travel Related Searches: Changes Have Been Made


Google is apparently experimenting with its mobile travel search results, which could make its web based results meaningless to mobile users. Mobile searchers are now being funneled into a new mobile based travel search engine which certainly looks good, is easy to use, and even somewhat useful, but it is a far different experience than that of the organic results achieved by its traditional web-based search. In fact, once one takes the mobile-based, travel related path, it is a challenge to get back to the organic, web-based results.

Once you get into the results, Google will give you an option to view “More Destinations”. Click on that and you will certainly get many more choices. You will see prices for hotels and flights but these results appear to be anything but organic. You can, however, drill even deeper by choosing from a number of choices to narrow your search. You can search from“Adventure”, “Museum”, “Theater” or many other options. Again, you will be exposed to a variety of travel ads for flight options, hotel room rates, and restaurant listings from Google Flight search, Google Hotel search and dining choices from Google Local results.

If you look closely, near the very bottom, you will see a small link that says “See Web Results”. That will take you to the web results you may have really wanted, before being so masterfully funneled through Google’s Travel search.

The challenge for web developers and SEO specialists is working their way through this latest change which will likely lead to further “paid” options for mobile searches. Flow Ink is one such digital marketing agency, in Hertfordshire, who can help. If you are not showing up on Google mobile searches, like their web-based searches, contact us. Let us help work your way through this latest maze from Google.







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