Google Loves Comprehensive Content and Quality Backlinks

At Flow Ink, we’ve been telling our clients about the importance of pertinent content and quality backlinks for a long time. Years ago, when Google made the move to improve its search engine results by punishing black-hat tactics, it became apparent these two areas would be increasing in significance. We’ve been encouraging high quality backlinks and content and they have been a critical part of our SEO tactics. In our own research we tracked the results. Now, there’s a study of over a million searches that provides further evidence the strategy is a sound one.

Importance of Links

Links have always been considered important in organic rankings. But far more than just raw numbers, it is the quality of those links that is imperative. Having a search engine marketing digital agency working on collecting these quality links can pay big dividends in your online marketing efforts. Building quality links is not a quick or easy tactic, but as we all know, it is very valuable.


Quality and Comprehensive Content

We have long promoted the strategy of keeping content fresh and relevant. This recent study also shows the significance of comprehensive content. In other words, the more content you have about a particular search term the more Google will see you as a source of authority. This comes with a caveat, however, in that your content must still be of quality and timely.


Yes, It Is a Challenge

This isn’t a process that can just be done once and you sit back and relax. It takes a conscious and continual effort. Just as importantly, it involves accurate monitoring to assure your efforts are productive. Content and links are just two of the aspects of successful SEO strategies. Yes, it is a challenge.

Contact Flow Ink

Because it is a challenge is why you should contact Flow Ink as your search engine marketing agency. We plan your search engine strategy, work it on a continual basis and monitor it for results. It is a 100% accountable process that provides long-lasting and powerful results. What can we do for you? Contact us and let’s discuss your online marketing plan.


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