5 Ways to Give Your Business Personality

5 Ways to Give Your Business Personality

Are you struggling to connect with your target customers? Spending many an hour on fruitless marketing campaigns? If so, you might need to inject a little character into your brand. Find out the five ways you can give your business personality.

Identify Your Business’s Beliefs

Connect with your target audience by connecting with the things they believe in. However, to do so, you must first identify your business’s beliefs. Take Apple as the perfect example. The technology giant believes in design simplicity and efficiency, which is exactly what their customers are looking for, too. As a result, they continually develop streamlined products and marketing materials to improve the user experience, productivity and communications.

Promote Your Employees

Your employees will form a large part of your business, which is why you should allow each person to shine. Prove what a talented, creative and close-knit team you have through your marketing materials. After all, people will do business with people, and not a company.

Humanise your company via your branding by ensuring your employees are visible. You can do so by incorporating staff photos on your webpages, throughout your blog and via your social media channels. You could even add them to your company videos and marketing materials. It’s a great way to prove to prospective customers that you take the hiring process seriously, as you will only employ talented individuals who culturally fit into the business.

Consistent Branding

Every successful company offers consistent branding across their marketing materials. From the brand name and website to every social media post and flyer, you must maintain a brand’s identity at all times. This means using the same tone of voice and brand visuals, so you can create a recognisable, signature style that highlights your company’s professionalism.

However, it also goes beyond beautiful branding and a distinctive tone of voice, you must also deliver high-quality marketing materials that are synonymous with your business. For instance, showcasecreative.com can produce premium presentation products that are representative of your company’s attention to detail and professionalism.


Make a personal connection with your target audience by avoiding dull statements, and instead tell an emotive story. Forget the bullet-points and focus on creating and sharing experiences through storytelling, which humans can understand or relate to. Try to evoke positive emotions so that they can make a subconscious association with your brand, so they will want to turn to you over a competitor.

Show You Care

Stand out from the crowd by showing your target demographic how much you care about a condition, charity or event. For example, you can establish a personality by volunteering at a charity drive, donating to a worthy cause or providing support to those in need. You will prove you care about more than making money, which will add personality and value to your company.

Have you got any tried and tested methods for adding personality to a brand? We would love to read your helpful tips. Share your advice in the comment section below.


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